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21 February 2011 @ 10:41 am
Hm, I've yet again abandoned this journal for several months! Haha! Well in any case, I'm pretty sure this may be final post, as I don't really talk to any of the people on this anymore, and my new crew doesn't really use LJ! So this is kind of a status update for myself, and also mostly just cataloging a few things that have happened as I've reached this turning point of my life from the shitty boring trudgery part into the THINGS ARE GETTING FUCKING AWESOME part that I am now into.

First, most important turning point: I HAVE A REAL JOB NOW, BITCHES. I'm a paralegal at a law firm near D.C. that represents credit unions! My job is now drafting the lawsuits and stipulations of settlement and motions and all that neat legal stuff to deal with debtors who have huge loans and credit card debt and shit and are refusing to pay. It's a small, rather casual firm, and my supervising attorney is awesome and pretty much keeps me up to date and is teaching me about every little step of the process. Also, the firm plans to grow big pretty quickly as we get more clients and tear through this huge caseload, so in about half a year they're planning to hire a cadre of new paralegals, which they will place under me and my co-worker as staff, thus boosting me to a managerial position. Fuck yeah, I'm moving up!

Second: I've finally found my next true fandom: HOMESTUCK. Oh my god, I can't believe I up and quit this one when it was just starting. After re-reading Problem Sleuth, I went ahead and gave it another go after seeing how popular it was on /co/. And HOLY SHIT. I mean, it's a webcomic that updates at a rate of something like 2-15 pages EVERY SINGLE DAY, including interactive games and flashes. It's probably the most convoluted, complex, awesome webcomic I've ever seen, and I love the characters and humor in it. So of course, I ended up spending my /co/ time solely on the Homestuck General, then when Pesterchum came out I did that, and ended up making a little of a name of myself with a stupid joke. And then the Homestuck Tinychat was created, and from there a group of regulars formed, and slowly but surely, I got myself a posse. It feels awesome to know I've got a group of close friends again, and to boot, we've even started an rp. Holy shit, I haven't rp'd in YEARS. But I'm definitely a lot better at it now with this character. Also, the group's already planning meetups and shit at a certain huge con. That'll be exciting.

But as for Homestuck itself, I don't think I've ever been as involved in a fandom as with this one, as among others, I've contributed some short story shit, but mostly I've been caught on with the Voice-Acting craze of people trying to voice-act the characters. Apparently, thanks to my typecasting in school as "angry guy who freaks out a lot", I'm a natural Karkat! Though I do a pretty good Dave and Equius in my opinion as well.

But yeah, things are going great. New Job, the money is now rolling in, new fandom and something to waste my free time on, and a group of close friends to talk to about everything. Here's hoping things will stay that way for some time, and in a year or so I should have enough saved up to be able to easily afford my own place, along with the ability to still have a nice trip or two every year, which shouldn't be a problem especially if I get that promotion and raise that seems to be coming. In any case, that's probably the last I'll write on here again unless something major comes up. Though it would probably be best if that weren't the case, as I like the fact that I'm leaving this thing on a very high note! Seeya!
23 September 2010 @ 02:33 pm
It seems I'm starting to form a habit of skipping a week and then posting about two weeks at once. Of course, this is a 5-Wednesday month, so the issues are spread out more meaning there are less issues to read per week. I know October will be a lot heavier than usual because it's the month Bruce Wayne is returning (which means extra Bat-titles everywhere), so I should probably get back to once a week by the time I get there, or else these posts will be ginormous.

Before comics, an obligatory vidya update for myself, as well as upcoming vidya!
Beat Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, which was very good. Josh had said Dr. Nefarious was tough as balls, but I found him really easy. Which is odd because normally I'm the one who sucks at video games. In any case, then I played Ratchet: Deadlocked, which I beat in two days. Other than it being very short, it was still an enjoyable game, despite the changes in style and the slightly darker tone. So for now, I'm done with Ratchet and Clank until I get the PS3. In further preparations for that purchase, I am now playing through the Metal Gear Solid trilogy so I will be all set to play MGS4 when I buy the console.

Pokemon Black and White came out a few days ago in Japan. After reading some of the leaks and seeing all the pokemon, I'm really excited. Diamond and Pearl was alright but a little bit of a disappointment (it's also the only pokemon gamer I've never finished, as I got stuck at the Elite 4, which is the toughest one ever, and jsut got bored and gave up.) However, Black/White is changing it up enough to make things interesting. Here is what has me excited:

-An entirely new country, far away from the other regions (Isshu is based on New York, making its nation effectively the Pokemon equivalent of the USA. All the previous games took place in the Pokemon equivalent of Japan, with all the regions based on Japanese regions.)

-Because of this, there seems to be a better variety of trainer types and character types. Notably, I'm seeing a lot more POC trainers. Makes sense. Though of course, people are bitching because of the appearance of Aloe, but I don't think that's too much to get ruffled over. Also, it being America means new hilarious stereotypical classes, like the ability to now play against breakdancing hip-hop stars or an entire football team. And one of the gym leaders appears to be an oil tycoon. IN AMERICA!

-156 new species of pokemon, the most we've ever had in one generation. In addition, NONE of these are evolutions or baby-forms of previous gen pokemon, and previous-gen pokemon aren't even available until you beat the game (which makes sense, since this IS an entirely new nation an ocean away from where the other games take place)

-More differences between the two versions. The actual aesthetics of several areas differs depending on whether you're playing Black and White, the last gym leader differs depending on version (though from waht I've seen, apparently both are Dragon-type leaders), and each game has its own version-exclusive area

-The first gym's type depends on what your starter is. Specifically, it's whatever of the three types your starter is weak against. Of course, right outside the gym you can get a pokemon of the type that is strong against whatever the leader is.

-The main characters are a good bit older than the other games. The protagonists in the last 4 gens were 10 years old. This time they're 15.

-looks like they've got some new type mixtures as well, which is always good. Though they're still unoriginal with the starters. Once again, by the time you get to final forms, it's Pure Grass, Pure Water, and Fire/Fighting again. REally disappointing because at first look of the fire-starters final forms, we were all thinking it would be Fire/Dark.

-Probably the most balanced mixture of types, with the only real unbalances done because of teh severe lacks of such types in previous gens. Notably, this game finally gives us a shitload of Fire, Fighting, Bug, Grass, and Dragon types. Also, the least amount of water-types in a game, which suits me fine because Water has always been the most prolific type, and I hate fishing. I will most likely take the Water-starter this time around, since I usually go with whatever would be least prolific in the wild.

Too bad it won't come out in English until April. At least that gives me time to be able to afford it!

Now, COMIX! This time, I'll actually separate them by week (they were in the last post, but not marked as such).

Comics for September 15th

Deadpool 27
Another wacky Deadpool adventure as he tries to be good, obviously serving as the segway into his storyline with the Secret Avengers.

Though, I am unsure exactly how in character it is for Steve Rogers to actually want Deadpool to work with him. Though I'm guessing that, as per usual for most people who say this, it's just to have a closer eye on him and keep him out of more trouble.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors 2
We finally get a look at who I assume to be the guy who's taking all these entities. I'll have to look up to see whether he's brand-new or an old enemy. Also, Kilowog and Arisia join Guy on his unknown sector patrol, because they've also got shit to work out. But first, a stop on Odym!

The last page pretty much makes the entire issue for me. It's not even just the random-ass tackle by Beez out of nowhere as Guy tries to get purified. It's Brother Warth just floating there and looking at the rage-tackle with the most hilarious "somewhat annoyed" expression ever. Behind him, Arisia and Kilowog are fully in defense mode with rings aimed at Bleez, while Warth just stands there with a clear expression of "Not THIS again..." I love the Blue Lanterns almost as much as I love Larfleeze.

Batman Beyond 4
What I liked about this issue:
-Terry finally said "schway"
-They finally acknowledged Max's existence
-They showed Mad Stan, even if it was Terry disguised as him

What I hated about this issue:
-everything else
Ok, specifically
-Terry and his family still appear to be asian, and it's just not the art-style. I don't know what they're thinking about this.
-Dick is apparently now evil. This is just completely wrong. It's not even a mind-fuckery thing like with Tim. Dick just hates Bruce and has pretty much gone Jason in wanting to just kill all the previous and current Bat-rogues. This is wrong
-They're flat-out KILLING OFF all of Terry's rogues. Almost making sure that we can never have an actually-good Batman Beyond series after this unless this miniseries is written out of Earth-12 canon.
-Speaking of, this issue completely fucks up the Earth-12 canon and contradicts it. According to Dick, Bruce stopped fighting crime after working with Nightwing once and, because of a mistake from not being used to fighting with others, Nightwing got seriously injured. This is bullshit. If that was what would cause him to stop, then he probably would have retired after the whole Tim Drake incident. But it gets even worse! This incident involves the JOKER. Which means this had to happen BEFORE the Tim incident, which was when the Joker dies in Earth-12. So Batman obviously didn't retire, since this had to happen before Tim's incident. And even then, Bruce didn't retire. If the writer bothered to actually watch the show, they'd know in the FIRST GODDAMN SCENE OF THE FIRST FUCKING EPISODE, it explains that Bruce quit about a decade later, when he was already getting old nad having to use the super-suit, because his age was catching to him and made him out of it enough that he actually had to resort to using a gun to stop a criminal from killing him. This whole thing, in addition to making Dick Grayson evil enough to become the new Hush, just makes this whole miniseries absolute bullshit. Here's hoping they come up with SOMETHING to redeem the series in the last two issues.

Brightest Day 10
This issue is pretty much all Firestorm and Aqualad. For Aqualad, I'm glad they didn't kill off the father, because that would have been unbearably cliche. As for Firestorm, well, shit just got real. I really like the problems they have now that they have to rely on the backseat-person to use the formulas, making Firestorm not that useful with Ronnie in backseat and Jason in pilot's seat. And then of course, add to that the revelation that every time they argue with each other, there's a tiny chance the entire world except for them would end. Heh. Also, Black Lantern Firestorm, for whom I'm still looking forward to an explanation of why he still exists.

DCU Legacies 5
And now we've reached Crisis on Infinite Earths. Makes sense, since this means that effectively the first half of the series is Pre-Crisis, with issue 5 ending with the Crisis, with the last 5 issues all being Post-Crisis. Even if it is a little skewed time-wise since the Pre-Crisis era covers a lot more time than Post-Crisis, but stories did get a lot more complex after the Crisis. Also, it's great to see the friend finally redeemed. Though I won't be surprised at all if one of them dies within the next few issues. Probably during Infinite Crisis.

And now, this week:

Comics for September 22nd

Avengers Academy 4
So Mettle used to be a Hawaiian surfer-dude. Makes sense. This issue was alright. Still worth reading to see how the characters grow and develop. As well as for Pym. Not too much to say about this issue though.

Oh, though the ending thing mentions some guy named Whirlwind is in next issue, and describes him as Hank's archenemy. I've never heard of him, so I suppose I have some research to do. I've only read his earliest stories, where it looked like his archenemy was Egghead (does he even exist in canon anymore?), and from more recent stuff I kind of assumed his archenemy was Ultron for some reason.

The Flash 5
Ok, now it's all starting to make a little bit more sense. A lot of the story was a big fat lie, and The Future Top is the real murderer. Still a little time paradoxy though, and I can't wait to find out how he fooled the other renegades. Also, obligatory tie-in to Brightest Day, though it seems like Digger's role is fucking pointless if his role in the whole thing is to throw the boomerang at someone while Hawk's role is simply to prevent it from hitting its target. Why not just never have Digger throw it in the first place? Though I guess The White Entity Works In Mysterious Ways, or something.

Justice League: Generation Lost 10
I don't think I'll ever hear a more amusing analogy than “Batman is a naked broad walking into a room full of rapists.”

I wish people would bitch about the possible portrayal of Fire and Ice as lesbians though. In this issue they do look a little close, but it didn't really seem gay to me. But in any case, their relationship has been somewhat like that since Giffen's days. Fire is lesbian for Ice. Ice just sees Fire as a very close friend, and is in love with Guy. This adds even more fuel to the fact that Fire and Guy despise each other. It's as simple as that.

Ok, so that one image of Batman outside JLI headquarters that had “two hints of the future” turned out to just be the cover of this issue. As for Batman himself, he and Power Girl start to investigate into Maxwell Lord and suspect they're being lied to, when all of a sudden they forget what they were doing. Nice to see people are making some progress and it's like Max has to keep rebooting it, but this does seem a little anticlimactic compared to what they were hinting for in DC Nation.

And HOLY SHIT THE METAL MEN...somehow now without Copper? Guess they dumped her.

Green Lantern Corps 52
I've still been reading all of GL and GLC from Rebirth to present (currently just at the beginning of Blackest Night), so having to suddenly jump back forward to the present is a little weird.

It just now occurred to me that the Blue Lantern Corps are entirely without a Guardian now, since Ganthet is now a Green Lantern and Sayd is Larfleeze's Guardian. Huh. Though I suppose they are capable of doing stuff without guidance, or just with Saint Walker leading them.

And this is supposedly the end of Cyborg-Superman...again. We'll see how long it lasts this time.

Also, the Alpha-Lanterns have been fixed. I suppose it was coming, though I was a little sad to see it happen, since I like the conflict between them. They have emotion now, but how soon will it be until the Guardians get pissed off by Ganthet doing this, since their whole point is to be impartial judges of the other Green Lanterns?

Darkwing Duck 4
Fuck yeah! Decided to pick this up after /co/ storytimed the first three issues. Pay attention Beechen, THIS is how you fucking do a series revival!

And even Boom does a recap page at the start of every issue. WHY CAN'T YOU DO THIS, DC?!

I love how I haven't seen this show for several years, and I still am able to read this in every one of their voices.

And Gosalyn is now Gizmoduck. This is undeniably awesome.

And Scrooge makes an appearance as he fixes everything up. I know Launchpad was in DuckTales, but I don't think I've ever seen any apperanaces of Scrooge and Darkwing together. Though, this has already gotten a cameo with Rescue Rangers, so I'm guessing they're just throwing as much Disney Afternoon as possible in here.

And now that the original story for what was supposed to be a 4-issue miniseries is over, we have our teaser at the next storyline of the suddenly-an-ongoing series: Negaduck and Magica De Spell! I also don't remembrer Magica ever showing up in Darkwing. So the fact that we're full on allowing DuckTales villains in this series as well gives promise for great things to come.

In fact, Darkwing has proved so popular, that they've also approved a Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers comic, and are considering a Gummi Bears comic. Unfortunately, I probably won't be getting those.

Batman: Streets of Gotham 16
I love Hush so much. And that's pretty much my opinion on this entire issue. He's just a great magnificent bastard.

As for the Two-Face co-feature story, eh, its ending was the usual expected fare. It was ok, but nothing special.

And that's it!

In non-pop culture news, tomorrow is my 24th birthday. Yay.
10 September 2010 @ 11:29 pm
This is actually last week's and this week's combined, since last week was only like 3 issues, so I didn't feel like writing about it if it was that little. So now, O Historical Records of The Shit Jonathan Reads and What He Thinks Of It, here are my current comicky thinking things.

After a month of waiting for it because of some shipping problems, I finally got my N64. And for now, I am done with it. I have nwo beaten the three games I specificially got it for (Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, and Donkey Kong 64, none of which will ever be on Virtual Console because they're by Rare). Now I suppose I shall move back to finishing Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, tehn do Deadlocked. Then I'll probably play through the MGS trilogy again (and maybe the original two Metal Gears, if my copy of MGS3 has them. I forget). why? Because I have decided to buy a PS3 in November instead of taking a trip. Even with games, this will probably be the cheaper option, will last for much longer, and will definitely not keep me bored during an entire week straight at home without work.

Ironically, I saw this weeek that they're now doing a Ratchet and Clank comic. However, I did not buy because I already have quite enough on my plate thank you. I did, however, drop Deadpool Corps and add Darkwing Duck, Chaos War, and Deadpool MAX.


Brightest Day 9

I love how this issue's big ending reveal (that the new Aqualad is Black Manta's son) was something that was already revealed long before by Geoff and mentioned when the show was first coming out, so it really doesn't have anything near the impact such an ending panel is supposed to have.

However, the highlight of this issue was J'onn's freakout and body horror mutation. It was just so creepy and good.

Also, Chocos.

Hercules: Twilight of a God 4
I still need to figure out whether all these future characters previously existed from other stuff by Layton or others, or whether this whole Future Herc thing is new. In any case, this was the finale of this miniseries, and overall it was pretty good. I will admit though that the last issue didn't affect me as much as it should have becaues I have no goddamn clue who Layana Sweetwater is (though it seems obvious that at least she's from the older comics), so here arrival and pretty much everything she did just had me going "...Ok." So I guess this is pretty much now the canon explanation for how Herc will eventually die (Or is this story canon at all? I'm not sure.) Though I'm not sure whether Cosmos is supposed to actually be the reincarnation of Herc or just the aftermath of it all. Oh well. The ending was a little confusing because of my lack of Pre-Pak/Van Lente Herc knowledge, but all around a decent story.

Deadpool Pulp 1
This was great. For the first issue, this is already looking better than DP's own ongoing and all the Team-Up and Corps stuff, and yet this is an alternate universe. Oh well. In any case, this is Deadpool, only in the Cold War and without any powers. He is fully diagnosed as MPD, which explains his boxes (Even in this one he has two now. SIGH.) The art was great too, with a lot of very good use of shadows. Also, it actually has an analysis of this Wade's personality and mental health and reasons for what he does, rather than the just random violence and humor with no actual characterization of some of Way's run. So, yeah. This is a Deadpool story I probably WON'T drop halfway through to skip to another one. Of course, it's only a 4-issue miniseries, so I wouldn't drop it anyway.

Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War 4
Dammit, why do all the GOOD Deadpool stories nowadays have to be miniseries?! The ending was a bit of a mindfuck, but it was the kind I love, and it was a fitting one for Deadpool anyway. Though I suppose this at least confirms that this story definitely isn't 616 canon, at any rate.

Batman and Robin 14
I still hate Frazer Irving's art. Hate, hate, HATE. And no, I don't give a shit if it's fitting to the story! It's still hideously awful and seriously impacts my ability to enjoy teh story!

I like the way teh credits are done in this one, panel by panel, as if it's the opening of a film. Morrison does occasionally give some good touches I like, even if his stuff is hard to follow.

Also, I will admit Professor Pyg is a deliciously creepy villain. Though he'll need a bit before he reaches the status of the others, though I suppose that's to be expected from someone so new.

Also, Joker has completley turned things over on Damian, as I expected. Why do people still insist that Damian is a Mary Sue again? He's seriously fucked up at least twice as much as he's succeeded in this run.

Justice League: Generation Lost 9
I notice that Giffen is no longer in the credits. I suppose he just stuck around to ensure that Winick could get it off to a good start before leaving it entirely in his hands. And then I realise I'm retarded when I check back, and notice the last issue that Giffen worked on was 7. So it's been just Winick for the last two issues, which were both really good. I forget why people hate Winick exactly, but so far he's doing great, which is good, because I wouldn't be very happy if he fucked up the JLI during what's supposed to be their big reconstruction.

And this issue was awesome as well! Max seems to be faltering, but now he has...Magog. The guy that apparently the White Entity wants him to kill. And he's hiring him to kill Captain Atom under Checkmate. It'll be interesting to see where this goes, because despite hating the whole continuity-disregarding Face Heel Turn for Max, he IS quite a good manipulative bastard, and an even greater one when he's evil (or at least apparently so.)

Also, Gavril is working up to be one of my favorite members of the team now. Though number one still goes to Booster, who was probably the angriest he ever has been in this issue, and for good reason.

God damn I can't wait to see how this story continues.

Batgirl 14
This was good. The only Supergirl I've read is DCAU Supergirl, who is obviously an entirely different character, so I don't know too much about canon Kara (I probably should do more research and, when I have more money, try to follow more of the Superman family outside of Lex Luthor.) In any case, this issue was more of the usual. Nice, funny, enjoyable, but not quite as good as say, Booster Gold or Blue Beetle.

Green Lantern 57
I was originally a bit sketchy about how this issue would go since it's focused on the Star Sapphires and the Predator, and that whole corps has always not sit too well with me because of how fucked up the whole love thing. And when Predator was shown, it seemed more like it was the Entity of Rape than anything. However, upon the ending, apparently it's shown (or at least Carol believes) that Predator has only gone evil because it's been possessing people who don't know what "true" love is. It goes to stalkers who are lusting after people. So I guess that might be better.

Also, Carol has to be the one to point out that, hey, you know how ALL THE OTHER CORPS have their batteries run on the actual emotion they represent? Ours can be fueled just by pure love too!. Are the Zamarons retarded?

Also, Larfleeze is fucking awesome, as per usual. And Pissy Jealous Hal is a great reactionface.

Batman 703
Nothing will ever quite beat the experience of reading Damian yell "I REVEL IN EXCREMENT!"

I'm a little lost about the Vicki Vale thing. I'm assuming it's something that happened in Red Robin, since Tim is showing up. You'd figure they'd at least have an editor box telling us what issue to look to to know what's going on. This totally feels like a Part 2 to something I haven't read, which annoys me.

With that said though, other than teh beginning, the rest of the story isn't really hard to follow. It's interesting, and nice to see Tim working with the other boys again. The ending was pretty touching too. Overall, An ok start for Nicieza's run.

Do people who are not ephebophiles actually care about Knight and Squire?

Booster Gold 36
It bothers me that DeMatteis isn't listed on teh covers. He's listed as a writer in teh book itself, but why did he not get cover billing this issue?

I do love how it's incredibly obvious to EVERYONE in teh JLI that Booster is from the future. And yet he is still shocked whenever someone points out that they know. Dude, the people you were closest to at that time period are going to notice that you suddenly look older, Booster.

I also love how with Booster, there is no confusion about when things are taking place in relation to other events. Booster Gold, Time Masters, and JL:GL are pretty much all taking place at the same time, since Booster and Rip are time travelers. Though this is the first time that the actual events of JL:GL have been mentioned within BG. No mention at all to the search for Bruce though.

Annnd Booster's timefuckery results in Ted being turned into a chipmunk. I love you so much, Giffen.

Overall, this is one of teh best issues of this series I've read. Despite my prior complaints about there being too much Ted nostalgia, the dialogues in this issue have been priceless. And it does make a good showing of how much Booster has changed since his JLI days.

I'm not sure exactly what event is going on that they'er caught in though. I'll have to look that up.

And...Estrogina? Really?
31 August 2010 @ 10:17 pm
Forgot to do this when I read them earlier this week, but now I feel like doing so. So I am. But first!

I’ve been reading a lot of Silver Age Green Lantern lately. Checking out the Chronicles and Showcases from the library, and systematically going from the beginningg and reading Hal’s earliest adventures. And damn, they are the Silver-agiest of the silver age. Katma Tui’s first appearance was so sexist it was ridiculous and almost verging on not hilariously so. I wonder exactly when it was that they changed Katma’s reason for reluctance to continue being a GL to “After Sinestro, Korugar isn’t very GL-friendly” from “I love this guy and there’s no way a woman can be married and work as a GL at the same time!” Also, I’m surprised that, other than the nickname, there isn’t THAT much racism going on with Thomas Kalmaku.

Though the most jarring difference, albeit also humorous, is Silver Age Hal’s complete trust and obedience to the Guardians. At one point he even says that praise from a Guardian is the best reward for a job well done he could ever get. Like the other differences, I wonder if the change from this to his current state is done over time, or if it’s a jarring change between Crises or Post-Rebirth or something.

I do love the need to over-explain everything, including then-thought-to-be-true scientific facts. Though themost surprising (and awesome) to me was one issue where they actually gave the legal citation for an old case that backed up a decision by Hal. Wut?

Sinestro was a good villain even before Geoff gave him a sympathetic backstory and more of a Well-Intentioned Extremist slant. Though I’ve found I realy like Hector Hammond too, though I also appreciate what I’ve seen of his Post-Geoff version more. For the most part though, reading these old stories at least gives me better grounding on the history that Geoff drew from when eh completely reconstructed everything and started the new saga. After I finish what I have of the Showcases, I’ll read summaries to catch up on everything in GL lore I missed, while reading stories in some anthologies I picked up. And then finally I will get to the meat of it all: Reading Rebirth, Recharge, and all of the Post-Rebirth stories up tothe present. And then I shall be all Green Lanterned out!

In any case, this (last?) week’s comix:

Batman 702
Bleh. Didn’t really get any of it, because once again, it’s all about stuff from R.I.P. I really should read Final Crisis and Batman: R.I.P already, since pretty much everything in Morrison’s Bat-stuff follows it. I suppose I’ll do it after my Green Lantern-thon, and then after that read though BnR again and hope I understand stuff now.

Detective Comics 868
The Imposter war continues. This is working up to be a pretty good storyline, definitely among the more enjoyable Bat-fare right now. For the most part it’s been old fare, though I like the reveal of the Jokerz leader. It’s someone who was given Joker venom and actually survived it. Surprise surprise, he’s a crazy villain now. Still, I’m looking forward to see where Hine will go with this.

Time Masters: Vanishing Point 2

I will never get tired of Kid Rip/Daddy Booster moments. I love them. Also, in this storyline, which is always opening with scenes of Adult Booster, we have Booster meet a new girl. I kind of hope this doesn’t end up being Mommy Hunter, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Then again, it may just be jumping to wild conclusions.

Oh, Hal. You of all people calling Booster Gold disgusting?

It’s taken some time, but I think I’ve grown to like Rip Hunter for the most part. Even if his fake name is stupid.

Justice League: Generation Lost 8
Gavril is great. He may actually be more entertaining than Dmitri was. However, this issue itself wasn’t as good as some of the previous issues. Mostly just escaping from Checkmate.

I’m not sure if this is Alton Janus’s first appearance, or if he’s been around before. If it is is his first appearance, then I’m betting fair money it’s really Max. And even then, it’s probably Max. Though a different reveal would be good.

Man, even when he’s effectively leading the team now and is being useful and kicking ass, Booster still gets treated like crap by his team-mates.

Action Comics 892
So, the running theme of Lex needing to control his emotions and keep to calm intellect continues. In addition, Luthor makes a new discovery that will change the nature of all existence! Naturally, I’m sure that after this storyline it will either be forgotten completely or will be used solely to try to destroy Superman in some way.

Also, Gorilla Grodd. What with the same end-of-issue, to-be-featured next issue treatments Mr. Mind and Deathstroke got, I wonder if this is going to be a trend, with each issue just guest-starring a different villain. While neat, so far I don’t think they’ve added too much. Mister Mind was good and gave a good fight to Lex, though he proved to be a lacky, but he actually added to story. Slade didn’t seem like he contributed to anything though. We’ll see how Grodd goes.

Heroic Age: Prince of Power 4
So, Thor believes Cho has the potential to become just like Loki. So he zaps him. But of course Cho is smarter than that, and defeats Thor. I’m not sure whether this fact is rage worthy or not, as I don’t know where Thor is supposed to fall in the brains department, but I don’t see someone being outsmarted by Cho as too big of a deal. He is now, what, 10th smartest? I don’t think Thor’s in the top 10.

There are like, two different artists doing this book, and the switching from the usual style to some uglier style bothers me. Especially because the uglier guy gets almost all of the pages with Delphyne.

Speaking of, Cho and Delphyne are back together again! Yay! And also, Cho gets his godhood and, thank god, passes it to Herc. So I guess Herc is a Skyfather now, which makes sense, considering Zeus and Hera are dead and SOMEONE needs to take the mantle of the Greek pantheon, and Cho certainly isn’t as good a fit. Though I wonder what Athena will think of Herc coming back, since she sent him wherever solely so Cho could be her new champion. But in any case, there are bigger fish to fry with Chaos War. I don’t THINK I will be lost in the main series, since it’s being written by Pak and Van Lente and looks like it’s pretty much the continuaation of the Herc/Cho story, with a bunch of other series crossing into it (and while CW is going on, there are no other Herc books, so it looks like Chaos War effectively is the only place that Herc and Cho’s stories will be going on durin that point.) I just will probably avoid tie-ins, since I don’t care about anyone else besides Herc and Cho. Except maybe Thor, but I really can’t afford to add another hero to my list now. And hell, for all I know, I may only like the way Van Lente and Pak write Thor. In any case, not something I want to risk money on right now.

I waited way too long to actually write these thoughs, to the point that I’ll be getting the next week’s worth of comics tomorrow, so I’ll probably do another post then. Oh well. It does feel a lot better to do this, to just let my thoughts out somewhere so I don’t have to continually think about it or try to find someone who actually gives a shit about what I’m talking about. In any case, that’s all until tomorrow, I guess.
19 August 2010 @ 05:11 pm
This week’s batch of comics: 8 total. 5 DC, 3 Marvel!

Batman: Streets of Gotham 15
Totally thrown off by the beginning. Last issue was “House of Hush, Part 1”. And now this issue’s title is…”Two-Face, The Long Way Down. Part 2.” What? Then I remembered that Two-Face is now the cofeature, and it looks like for some reason, this month’s issue Is completely Ignoring the main story end hat’s…dedicated to part two of that cofeature. Looking at the cover and realizing that Dini isn’t writing this one, but the only writer listed is the one for said cofeature confirms it. That’s...different. Maybe Dini took a vacation or was just too busy working on something else and needed off from Streets for a month.

I did have to look back at the last issue to remember exactly what was going on though. This is why I really, REALLY hate that DC doesn’t do recap pages at the start of their issues. Seriously, the fact that Marvel does it is a really big convenience. Would it really be that hard, DC?

Seeing Two-Face in a regular hoodie, and not his usual suit or at least something that’s half-and-half is really weird. Then again, he is running away from Gotham city-to-city trying to lawy lowfrom cops giving him more attention than usual and is trying to deal with the fact that he’s got moles in his crew. Poorly.

And, he’s betrayed by the two people he had left, dumped in the river, and left for dead. Poor Harvey. Then again, he was getting even more cruel and crazy than usual. Well, now here’s wondering whether this arc will end up with either him going into a roaring rampage of revenge against everyone and going full-on crazy psycho, or with him realizing his errors and starting a reform, at the ery least of how he treats his henchmen. I suppose it’s 50/50 either way.

Deadpool Corps 5
Ok, this was actually ok. I suppose I’ll stick with it, though I maaaaay end up dropping it when Deadpool Pulp comes out. The only thing that really bothers me is the implication that after the hallucinations end, Lady Deadpool still has her face all unscarred and pretty. If they actually did this, that’s pretty much bullshit that’s probably being done just for fan service purposes. If it’s a variation of Wade Wilson, the face should look like hamburger meat! (Though there was the Military Deadpool who happened to be handsome and unscarred, which pissed Deadpool off, but it seemed he didn’t have healing factor either, so one can assume that in that universe he just never got cancer.).But Wanda Wilson DID get cancer and healing factor, so no, making her pretty all of a sudden is bullshit.

DCU Legacies 4
And the Silver Age continues, starting with the beginning of kid sidekicks. I’m assuming, that, along with the other stuff that happens, they’re effectively covering hte 70s now with this issue, since next issue is billed as covering the Crisis on Infinite Earths, which is 1985. (This also means that Issue 6 will most likely be the JLI-era, since that was directly after Crisis. Hell, Booster Gold was the first original Post-Crisis hero. Yay!)

It is so weird seeing the old Toyman. Or any comics Toyman, really. Superman TAS has me used to the creepy doll-guy.

I could name maybe 85% of the villains on the splash-page of the “newcomer villains”. I am surprised the Mad Hatter they showed is Jervis and not the big redhead who replaced him for that time period and during the 60’s show. I still feel ashamed for not knowing the villains I couldn’t recognize though.

Ah, Pre-Creeper Jack Ryder. I love these nice little continuity touches. Also, Will Magnus and the Metal Men. Pity what happened to them. I loved them.

Aww, Doom Patrol. I’m almost sorry I dropped you. I still need to reaed Morrison’s run on you, and then maybe I’ll go back to reading Giffen’s run.

There’s very little advancement in Paul and Jimmy’s own story compared ot the other issues. But I suppose that’s because they’re cramming a lot more into this one, since it’s jumping from the mid-60’s all the way to the late 70‘s. Though you figure that would mean more would go one in their lives too, besides just Jimmy going up for parole once and Paul just continuing his life as a Metropolis cop and his daughter growing up.

And our back-up feature is Sergeant Rock and Easy Company, done by Len Win and Joe Kubert, who had done their story in Wednesday Comics. Kind of ill-fitting, since they were actually in World War II, but the actual scene is them reuniting on the bicentennial and remembering Rock’s death. It was pretty good, though I’m not a big fan of war stories.

Avengers Academy 3
Eh, seen that before. At least you got to live, instead of having Wolverine come to find you in a cave, give you a beer, then kill you!

Hey, if you want to be talking to each other about whether you think the instructors trust you or not, don’t you think you should do it when an instructor ISN’T right there in earshot?

I never did get the whole scared straight thing from visiting prison. I really liked visiting prison as a kid, and seeing that justice was being served. It was one of the most fascinating field trips for me. And then of course, there was my second trip to jail when I was more grown, but that was more for career information. Still, I’d say visiting a prison is more empowering than terrifying.

Come on, Reptil. You know that’s not the real phrase people want to hear the Juggernaut say.

Liking the ending. This series is getting somewhat interesting. And next issue is Mettle’s! Yay!

The Thunderbolts seem interesting, and I’ve considering getting into them. Though if I want a villain-team doing their job Suicide, I suppose I’d rather read about the Suicide Squad first. Marvel doesn’t have Amanda Waller, and that is a huge disadvantage.

Yay, letters page!

Green Lantern Corps 51
I feel bad for being such a newcomer to Green Lantern, because I have no idea who Hannu is. I need to get and read all of Geoff’s GL run (I had jumped in right in the middle if Larfleeze’s first appearance)

So, the continuation of the Alpha Lantern/Cyborg Superman plot. This issue was great, though I think they tried to lay it on hard with Ganthet supposedly feeling grief for the first time. That doesn’t quite mesh, since Ganthet is the one Guardian who chose to embrace emotion along while ago, so I severely doubt this would be his first time.

Also, Cyborg Superman is a sick, sick man. I am amused by the fact that three major Superman foes (Mongul, CS and Superboy-Prime) are now pretty much Green Lantern enemies ever since they got recruited in the Sinestro Corps, even though they aren’t even part of it anymore. Though I suppose with CS and Mongul it started when they destroyed Coast City.

Deadpool 26
So Deadpool did all of that dickery and fucked up Weasel’s whole situation to take his place, just to immediately quit it after finding out it would mean he’d have a real job. Starting to get there!

And then Ghost Rider attacks out of nowhre, and the rest of the issue is about that, and Deadpool looking into his past. Which is pretty ret-conny and I hated it. Also, why is It that some of these comics seem to think Deadpool is American?

Overall, this seemed like a stupid filler issue that made shit up about his past. Bleh.

Brightest Day 8
Not too interested in the Hawks’ storyline. The whole Hawkworld thing seems kind of stupid to me. And I have no prior knowledge of anything about Shiera’s mother, so the reveal that she’s Queen Shrike didn’t really mean much to me either.

And there is another Green Martian, and she is not nice. I really hope J’onn knows better than to see this ias a way on continue his race, considering her first act upon appearance is to beat the shit out of M’gann.

Deadman/Hawk/Dove is still my favorite part of this series. That and Firestorm, but Jason and Ronnie aren’t in this issue.

Batman Beyond 3
Ok, so the comic confirms that in Earth-11 Return of the Joker did happen, and this happens after it.

Really, Bruce? You’re going to rely on robots to take care of your job? Maybe you should talk to the Guardians and see how that worked out for them.

And we get our first appearance of Old Dick! No dialogue yet though.

From what “Hush” said about family and all that, I really hope Hush doesn’t turn out to be Future Jason, but it seems like that might be a possibility.

Still not liking the lack of actual Batman Beyond villains.
16 August 2010 @ 11:32 pm
Ok, let’s try this again. I feel like I should start writing in this again, at least just to have my thoughts somewhere and all. Since this is more of a catch-up post, I suppose this will end up being very long. Though if I am not lazy and actually do this once a week, I suppose everything else will be easy compared to this.

God damn, I haven’t been on LJ in so long that I had to think and try to remember what my username was.

First, in serious news: Mom has Lymes Disease, which sucks. The good news is that, with her symptoms, it was either that or Chronic Fatigue. The latter does not have a cure, the former does. So there’s that, I suppose. Hopefully she’ll get better soon.

Also, Josh crashed his car again. He is fine, but the car is totaled. Not good, considering he still owed Mom $1,000 on it (it was originally Grandma’s car, which Mom bought off her and Josh is paying her back for.) And he never did apply for college, and now apparently he’s just decided to wait until the winter or spring and then start doing community college. So he’s not exactly in an enviable situation. Of course, I can’t exactly tell much of how it’s affecting him since he lives at Dad’s now. But I can only assume that part makes it even worse.

And now, onto pop-culture ramblings;

After deciding I was most likely done with anime and manga for good, I ended up reading through all my complete series I had one final time before eventually selling them, and got re-interested. Kinda. At the very least, after reading through my Shonen Jumps I ended up catching u to the present on One Piece after getting back into it. I am surprised at how it’s been going on for so incredibly long and is still nonstop awesome. And it’s even gotten more serious, which is something that I would have thought would make the series worse. Of course, now that I’m caught up, I’ve stopped reading each new chapter each week, so I’m sure in a year or two I’ll be behind and have to play catch-up. But that will be nothing, sine that will bbe only 50-100 chapters, a small feat to the 594 in a row I read upon deciding to start from the very beginning and catch up.

And then, I went back into video game mode. I wanted to replay Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, so I bought an N64 (our old one was fried in a lightning storm a couple of years ago). And then it got lost in the mail, so in the course of waiting for it, I have replayed and fully beaten Super Mario 64(got all 120 stars for the first time, and was surprised at how easy it was, when some stars that I found simple I remember as being nigh impossible as a kid), Okami (which I ALMOST got all 100 stray beads on, but decided Fuck It on the race with Kai), and Ratchet and Clank (which I went fuck it on a few optional weapons and Gold Bolts either because some parts were nigh impossible, or because Gold Bolts are only useful on the second play through anyway, so I no longer felt any motivation to get them all. I am now playing Ratchet and Clank:Going Commando, and will just go ahead and play all 4 of those PS2 games before moving onto BK and BT, even if the N64 comes before I finish them. Then after beating BT, I plan on replaying Donkey Kong 64 and then the three Metal Gear Solids.

I am actually almost considering buying a PS3. There are now a suitable amount of games I would like to play on it: Metal Gear Solid 4, Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction and RnC: A Crack in Time, Super Street Fighter 4, and Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Also, the Move looks like it may be interesting, and Sorcery looks fun. And there’s always the chance that they will end up releasing Suikoden VI for it finally.

I finally saw Despicable Me a few weeks ago. It was pretty good for the first film by a new animation studio, and I hope for more good stuff for them. Of course, their next two films will be adaptations of The Lorax and The Addams Family. While the latter may be good and I plan to see it, the former can go fuck itself. God damn I hated that story. In any case, Despicable Me was funny but not super-so, and was more heartwarming than anything. Also was a little too much on the cliché side, but still overall a good movie, especially for a first try. Now we’ll just see how Megamind does when it comes out in a few months.

I love how all the critics are bashing The Expendables, and pretty much their only reason for giving it a low score and their only real complaint is effectively “It’s like an 80’s Action Movie”. Gee, maybe THAT’S THE FUCKING POINT? Christ, judge the movie based on what it’s actually aiming for! What, were the critics expecting some thought-provoking artsy shit? It’s Sylvester Stallone collecting every major action star except for Jean-Claude van Damme and Steven Seagal and throwing them all together in a movie that’s pretty much a giant homage to the explosion-and-carnage-filled action blockbusters of the 80’s. It is purely designed for testosterone junkies and nostalgic adults. Everyone I’ve talked to who’s actually seen it has loved it, and it’s at the top of the box office with the biggest opening weekend Stallone has ever had in his whole careeer , so clearly it’s doing something right. Shut the fuck up.

I also find it hilarious out of how the three films that came out this weekend, the only one Ebert bothered to even review was Eat, Pray, Love. Really, Roger?

Ok, since it’s been so long, rather than review hte issues for this week, I think I’ll just go over in general all of the series I’m currently reading/recently finished.

Action Comics
I picked this up two issues ago as, with Superman on his retarded little road trip, this book became Lex Luthor’s. As should be known by now, I love the villains, and Luthor is one of my favorites, though I sometimes have issues with the extreme differences in how many people write him. Either he’s a truly misunderstood genius who really has humanity’s best interests at heart and sees Supes as a worrisome threat to our evolution, or he’s a complete monster who only cares about wealth and power and uses the former characterization as a flimsy excuse for his actions. Despite 52 being awesome, his portrayal as the latter in that was a little annoying at times.

Thankfully, so far this series seems to strike somewhat of a middle ground. Yes, the first thing we see the man do is fire a guy just for telling him something is impossible (though from what I’ve read a lot of actual executives, including Disney under Eisner), tend to be like this), and then having him killed when he attacks Lex in retaliation. And the whole point of this arc is definitely a quest for power: He’s after a Black Lantern ring so he can create his own power ring. However, despite being an utter asshole who will do anything for his goals, he does genuinely believe his actions are what needs to be done to save mankind, and that he should be mankind’s savior. It’s also implied that hiincreased desire for power and his being even less rational and cautious is because of his contact with the orange ring, which he claims changed him. So while he does seem to have good goals and thinks he’s doing what’s right, he is definitely still supremely jealous of Supes , and deep down pretty much wants to become/replace him.

Also, Lex is a badass in these two issues. The way he defeats Mr. Mind and gets out of his trap was just a complete series of awesomeness. Also loved his dismissal of Steel as “just a genius in a powered suit.” I find that amusing in about three different ways.

Finally, the fact that Lex has built a robot Lois Lane as his wife, confidante, and conscience? Creepy and awesome at the same time.

Avengers Academy
It’s ok so far. Veil I’m neutral on, and Finesse I hated at first, but after issue 2 I’ll reserve judgment until I see more and what she does. Next issue is apparently Hazmat’s, but after issue 4 and Mettle I’ll probably make a full judgment on whether to keep following the series. It is at least interesting so far.

I was considering dropping this as it was starting to get boring, especially during the Flood arc. However, the last issue convinced me to keep going. For the most part, I like Steph. She’s funny and interesting, and her and her series in general remind me of Jaime and his series, though I really can not place how. Looking forward to how her team-up with Supergirl next month goes.

Ugh, I am not interested at all in the current and next issue. They’re doing “R.I.P. the Missing Chapter”, and since I didn’t read R.I.P., I totally don’t give a shit. Though I suppose I should read it so this and his whole return would make more sense. Also, I don’t like that Grant Morrison Is writing these two issues. Seriously Grant, you’re already writing enough, let Tony Daniel keep Batman. The fact that (most likely because of this) Batman and Robin got delayed by a whole month just makes me more peeved.
, this
Batman Beyond
The fact that nobody has said “schway” yet is disappointing.

Also, not entirely liking that the focus is on the supposed return of Hush and getting rid of Bruce’s old foes instead of Terry’s own rogues. Spellbinder was shown for like one panel, and Inque was mentioned, and that’s been it. At least give us Shriek or Mad Stan or something.

Did love Terry’s interations with the new Catwoman though. “Catwoman? Seriously? This is GREAT! I’ve wanted a Catwoman my WHOLE CAREER!” “But Catwoman and Batman are supposed to be a thing! It’s an unwritten law! A tradition!” Too bad Neo-Catwoman isn’t interested.

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne
This series has been going back and forth each issue. For the most part, I’m finding it a little hard to follow, but I’m usre It will be easier to do so once the whole thing is finished. The most recent issue, where Bruce is up to the Wild West era and deals with Jonah Hex, was by far the best issue so far. And the next issue has Bruce in Film Noir era, which can’t possibly go badly. Right?

Batman and Robin
God dammit, why did they have to get Frazer Irving to do the art for this? He is by far the worst DC artist there, and yet they keep putting him on popular stuff. If he is going to continue to be artist for this series, I may have to eventually drop it, because it’s just painful to look at. So fucking ugly

Also, BnR is also something I’ll probably have to re-read the whole way through later to figure out exactly what’s going on the whole time. I’m starting to think this is just typical of Morrison at this point. Still, all the mysteries and twists and stuff don’t work nearly as well when you’re only getting an installment every four weeks. Too much stuff is forgotten. So once this whole storyline ends, perhaps I’ll give the whole thing a read through and hope it makes more sense.

Batman: Streets of Gotham
Honestly, this has been my favorite of the Bat-titles for a while now. Despite the suckage of Gotham City Sirens, Dini actually knows how to properly entertain in this one at least. Dustin Nguyen, whose art style I really like, drawing helps as well. I also like that for the most part his series has been sticking to smaller character-focused stories lasting only 2-3 issues instead of sweeping arcs and all.

I really like that they gave Damian a friend. And that Damian sees the advantages of having someone like him. Also, nice to see that despite all his bumblings in Batman and Robin, he can still kick ass. Him and Colin defeating Zsasz didn’t come off as unrealistic.

The mini-arc with Carpenter was cute. I love her and hope she shows up more often. But now we’re focusing on Hush and his rotating Outsider babysitters. Also, now that Manhunter is gone and Two-Face has the cofeature instead, I’m now actually reading the entire book! Imagine that!

Batman: The Widening Gyre
So we FINALLY got the final issue for this after months. I know Kevin Smith is notorious for delays, but damn. However, the ending was worth it. I loved almost every bit of this miniseries, and didn’t even see teh ending coming until about halfway through (though I suppose that may or may not make me retarded). However, it was very nice to see a happy Bruce for such a consistent period of time. And Baphomet was great, even moreso after the reveal of who he really was.
Booster Gold
And so Giffen and DeMatteis are back, though sadly without Kevin Maguire (he’s doing the covers, but Batista is doing interiors. His art is good as well though). And, as expected, their first arc, after the first issue which gave us adorable little girl Rani, involves JLI nostalgia. Though at least there’s a suitable excuse: Booster’s gone back In time to the JLI era in an attempt to find and bring back evidence that Maxwell Lord exists. And then he gets caught up in a zany adventure with Ted, Mr. Miracle, and Big Barda. Though apparently it’s only obvious to J’onn and Ted that this Booster is clearly from the future. Despite the “Hey, remember how awesome the JLI was?! Let’s revisit that time era again!” shtick getting old, this has still been pretty enjoyable.

Also, “But Blue Beetle’s Dead-- shot in the head years ago by Maxwell Lord! *footnote: You have no idea how hard it was for DeMatteis to type those words.” ;_;

Also, yay, Michelle’s back!

Brightest Day
This has been pretty good so far, though really, Geoff Johns has yet to prove me wrong about or make me doubt him, unlike Morrison. It seems to be following the lines of 52 and Countdown in that it follows several different characters in completely unrelated storylines, some of which may eventually end up intersecting. In this case the characters are pretty much the ones brought back to life who don’t have major appearnaces in other series and those related to them: Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch (who together are now the current Firestorm), J’onn, Hawk and Dove, Deadman, and Aquaman, Mera, and Aqualad. (as for the others back to life, Osiris has Titans, Maxwell Lord has JL:GL, Captain Boomerang and Professor Zoom have Flash, and Jade has Justice League). Of course, now the White Battery has given orders to all of them, which sets up our giant foreshadowing for what’s to come. Honestly, this has me more excited than Blackest Night did by a longshot.

Also, Geoff seems to have some kind of obsession with entities demanding people to eat burgers. First we had Hal and the infamous “Two Hamburgers” from contact with the Orange Battery, and now the White Lantern ordered Deadman to eat a cheeseburger. I wonder if this is going to end up becoming a running gag.

Also, the new Aqualad being plugged for Young Justice seems interesting so far, especialy if he really Is Black Manta’s son, but I’ll have to read some more of him to get a full opinion.

DCU Legacies
This is an interesting little miniseries that I’ve liked so far. It’s effectively re-explaining and organizing the DCU timeline through one old man explaiing his life and how the existence of superheroes affected it, as well as his friend’s turn to the life of crime and his downfall over the years. So far in 3 issues (out of a total of 10 we’ve already made it to the Silver Age and the formation of the Justice League. It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the timeline is portrayed in this.

Yay, Way is acknowledging the existence of Weasel and Blind Al, finally! It’s only taken TWO YEARS of the series with nothing but Hydra Bob, if anyone. In any case, Deadpool repeatedly and continuously fucks Weasel over, surprising noone. They even had a return of the The Box, which I loved. Really, the current storyline is a big improvement and getting closer to what I expect from Deadpool. You’re finally getting it, Daniel!

Deadpool Corps
Whereas this series is still getting it wrong. Ugh, some parts are funny, but for the most part, this series is getting to be an unfunny painful read. It may be dropped soon if something better comes up. Definitely the worst Deadpool series I’m currently reading (though I suppose that’s a fair exchange, since I dropped Deadpool Team-Up, the worst of the ones I was reading then, for this)

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth
The only reason I didn’t drop this one is because it only had a few issues left anyway. And now it’s over!
Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War
Ok, this one’s actually pretty interesting. Of course, I guess it’s an alternate universe or something? what with Bullseye and Silver Sable being dead and Domino being in a wheelchair. Of course, I just now noticed the series has a “Marvel Knights” label slapped on It, so I guess it’s in that universe or something? I have no idea what Marvel Knights is. But this miniseries is good so far regardless, and other than Deadpool’s main series, it’s the only one where I’m actually looking forward to what happens next.

Detective Comics
We got a one-shot issue written by Denny O’Neil, which was awesome. I really need to check out more of his stuff. Particularly his Question. And now we’re in a new storyline involving Jokerz. Who I guess now exist long before Batman Beyond. The Joker-impostors/Batman-impostsrs gang thing has been done before, but the way this is starting and playing out looks fresh enough and works well enough that it should still be good.

The Flash
Hee, the return of Flash Facts amuses me. Also, Captain Boomerang’s power boost is cool. Pretty much all those brought back to life in the Brightest Day who used to be Black Lanterns now have power modifications or additions, though it’s not always a good thing (such as Aquaman summoning dead sea creaturs and Ronnie and Jason having Black Lantern Firestorm within the matrix and their heads when fused). But Digger’s is cool and useful. Let’s see how long he can stay alive this time!

However, despite the characters and story being great, there’s this HUGE plot hole that keeps interfering with my suspension of disbelief. The Renegades, future police who are modeled after the Rogues, have come to the past and are trying to arrest Flash because, In the near future (relative to where Barry is now), the Rogues break that “In Case Flash Returns Break Glass” case the original Mirror Master left behind, which is a gateway to the Mirror Worlds. One of the Mirror Lords possesses Iris and turns her into a villain, and the only way to stop it all is to kill the person who opened the gate. So in trying to kill Mirror Master, Flash ends up killing Mirror Monarch of the Renegades.

The problem here is, why aren’t the Renegades arresting the Flash AFTER he commits that muder? Instead, they are going futher back in time and arresting him BEFORE HE EVEN COMMIT’S THE CRIME. And the idea that they’re doing it to prevent him from even doing it (which would mean he committed no crime at all, and thus mean he’s innocent anyway) doesn’t mesh because when Top mentions that they an prevent it by just warning Barry about the future (which he ends up doing), the others say that that is expressly against the law because It messes with time. So...really. Why? This whole thing makes my head hurt. I have trust that Geoff will eventually explain it all, and it is enjoyable, but really, this paradox is too big of a plot whole to ignore.

Green Lantern
So Lobo has a red ring now. This will not end well. Neither will the Orange Entity being free and possessing Hector Hammond.

Also, Larfleeze now knows about Santa Claus and is insistent he exists. I suppose this is our lead-in to that Christmas Special that was promised

In general, Green Lantern has been continuing in being awesome. Hal is now going around rounding up the New Guardians, and the Entities are being shown. Though we didn’t get to see The Butcher in Atrocitus’s issue. However, we did get a backstory for Dex-Starr. Poor kitty. ;_;. And it looks like next issue is Violet/The Predator.

Green Lantern Corps
With Guy gone, John Stewart finally is getting comics time again. Although Green Lantern was supposedly his and Hal’s, during the whole Blackest Night thing it was entirely Hal except for one issue which was suddenly all John, and that seemed random. But now GLC is officially Kyle and John’s book. Along with Ganthet and Soranik.

And we now have the return of Cyborg Superman. Considering he returned in GLC 50, I’m incredibly surprised the cover didn’t call it “Cyborg Superman: Rebirth” as a pun (Green Lantern 50 was “Parallax: Rebirth”). Of course, “Cyborg Superman Returns” is also a pun, so…

In any case, this story is interesting. This is the only GL book that doesn’t have them doing anything that has to do with Brightest Day, as this series takes place out in space, and they’re too busy trying not to get converted into Alpha Lanterns. I think the fact that this one is breaking apart from the others is a plus.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors
And now Guy has his own series! Including Ganthet, Atrocitus, Kilowog, and Arisia, supposedly, though they havent shown up yet. Though I’m wondering why Kilowog and Arisia would end up in this considering this whole thing is a secret pact/mission for unknown purposes, and Atrocitus sure as hell won’t approve to any more Green Lanterns joining the fray. Though I suppose it might be that the Guardians order backup for Guy’s patrol of the Unknown Setors. Eh, only one issue is out so far, so we’ll see how it goes. But it’s GUY, so I am expecting awesome.

Hercules: Twilight of the Gods
Considering this is essentially Hercules IN SPACE, I am surprised that I am actually enjoying this series. This would be my first experience with Bob Layton, and it is good. The first issue took some getting used to and originally received a meh, but by Issue 3 I am fully enjoying it. Too bad it’s only 4 issues long.

Heroic Age: Prince of Power
Pak and Van Lente continue to bring on the awesome and the funny. In particular I enjoyed Cho making fun of Thor’s believers. What really interests me about this series is the fact that Cho may or may not be leaning towards becoming a villain, what him actually wanting to make himself a god just so he can find Herc. But all that’s since been forgotten what with him now just trying to get it all before Vali Halfing does. Also, Delphyne kicks ass. With a death scrunchie. And it is awesome.

Justice League: Generation Lost
I love this series so much. Finally, instead of just constant nostalgia about and trying to go back in time to the JLI, we actually have the JLI just plain being brought back. And they aren’t happy about it!

I am somewhat saddened that Guy isn’t in the mix, but he’s got other things to do. Same with J’onn. The lack of Black Canary is something I’m ok with mostly because I don’t like her too much. I do hope we get some apperances from the Ghost Dibnies though.

In any case, our actual roster (so far) is Booster Gold, Fire, Ice, Captain Atom, Blue Beetle (Jaime), and a new Rocket Red, Gavril. This RR seems to share Dimitri’s old habit of awkardly trying to use English hip phrases, but he doesn’t have the love of American pop culture that Dimitri did. Rather, he’s a full-on Communist who thinks Russia should go back to those days. And yet at the same time he loves the Justice League and is super-stoked to be one of them. And it works.

Best part is when Fire and Ice realize that somehow, Booster Gold has effectively ended up as leader of the team.

And we have more time-travel shenanigans and a big hinting of what’s to come, with Captain Atom briefly being luanched to a future where all the heroes except for Power Girl are dead and the world has devolved back to agriculturalist, because of Maxwell Lord somehow. Though how he leads to this, I am interested t find out, because on Max’s side, he’s got the White Entty telling him to save the world by killing Magog. But the mysteries and twists and turns in this one are nicely balanced by the humor and the overall awesomeness of the JLI. I honestly don’t get why people were worried about Winick writing this, as he’s doing a pretty damn good job. Of course, it might be because Giffen is still doing breakdowns, and Winick is just doing the script (effectively replacing DeMatteis).

Lady Deadpool
Bleh. Tha’ts pretty much all I’ve got to say. Just generic bleh.

Time Masters: Vanishing Point
Yay, Dan Jurgens still gets to write for his creation! And he even gets the exact same artist he had, so effectively Time Masters looks and reads exactly like an issue of Booster Gold during his run. With the addition of Hal and Superman.

Seeing Adult Booster and Child Rip interact was adorable. They should show more of this. Though I also wonder whetherr the identity of Booster’s future wife/Rip’s mother is something that will eventually be revealed, or something that will just be unknown for all time.

I wonder how many people reading this just because of it being the other half of Return of Bruce Wayne will be entirely confused, since half the stuff in there is the culmination of plot points and characters from previous arcs of Booster Gold under Jurgens.

X-Men Origins: Deadpool
Eh, usual fare, interesting angle. Ending was surprisingly goofd and touching though. Kind of.

25 December 2009 @ 06:53 pm

Jonathan’s Christmas 2009 Haul, also, what given:

Gifts Given this year:
To Mom:
Pink Fuzzy Slippers and Leather Gloves

To Marvin:
Ravens Tow Hitch Cover

To Ben:
Sergeant Frog Season 1 (Eps 1-13), Your Heart Belongs to Me by Dean Koontz

To Josh:
Scrubs Season 8

To Tracy:
Kohls Gift Card

To Kristen:
Iron Man comics (I forget the actual issues).

Gifts received:

From the Dadlands:
NOTHING, because I am no longer going there! Don’t really feel bad at all though, and it was actually a nice change of pace for Christmas Eve, spending it peacefully with Mom and Marvin watching our annual special, The Year Without a Santa Claus (a.k.a. “The one with Snowmiser and Heatmiser”). Also, the recent “sequel”, The Miser Brothers Christmas Special, which actually wasn’t bad.

From Ben:
Chuck Norris vs. Mr. T
Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen

From Josh:
Black Cat vols. 13, 18, and 19 (I already have 13 though. He meant to get 14, which is the one I forgot I didn’t have when I bought vols. 15, 16, and 17. So now I have all of Black Cat except Vols. 14 and 20. So I really need to buy 14 so I can read the other 5 volumes I already have.)

From Mom and Marvin:
Negima vol. 24
Gin Tama vol. 15
Heroes Season 3
Batman Arkham Asylum (However, it doesn’t work, since apparently neither my laptop nor the home PC meets the system requirements. Fuck. Though, eventually I need to get a new laptop anyway, so I’ll play it when I do that.)
1,000 Places to See Before You Die
Casey and Friends Complete Series (just Higurashi, not Higurashi Kai, as Kai hasn’t been licensed/released yet). I felt I should get this to be fair though, and it is a series I like enough to rewatch.)
Heroes 2010 Calendar
Stephen Lynch: 3 Balloons
A SNUGGIE! (Finally! I’ve wanted one of those for years.)

From Tracy: ??? (To be edited)

From Kristen: ??? (To be edited)

Though also, I now have a new wish list of stuff I need to buy, though I’m wary of spending money right now since I’m leaving for Disney World in 15 days, and will be spending g afew hundred there in tips and souvenir-shopping. But once I return, I plan to buy:

Fate/stay Night Complete Series
Baccano! Complete Series (Maybe) Both of these I need to marathon on with a friend. Though before that I should at least watch my Heroes and Higurashi box sets.
Black Cat Vol. 14 (of course)
All other manga I still need to catch up on (Hoshin Engi, School Rumble, and Hayate the Combat Butler)
Registration for Katsucon ( need to do that ASAP, since it’s in Februrary. Of course, I usually just do my catching up on manga there, so that’s prob when I will buy the above manga)

Also, possibly after I get my tax returns, I need to buy a new laptop. This one is almost broken, and I need a new one anyway if I want to play the Batman game I got.

But of course, Disney comes first! Just TWO WEEKS! Time to finalize those plans!

Also, since I haven’t written in a while, a quick recap of the several things I have recently gotten obsessed in/am still somewhat interested in! I had gotten into Vidya mode with Team Fortress 2, but then got into VN mode, and have already read 3 VN’s! (Katawa Shoujo, Tsukihime, and Ever17), and am currently reading Fate/stay night! But of course now I have tons of stuff to read and watch in addition to F/SN! Also, I really should get back and finish Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 sometimes. I kind of got distracted and stopped playing that in the middle. In any case, that’s it fo rnow!
10 November 2009 @ 11:13 am
I have come to start to be like, a connoiseur of apples. I eat two every day at work during lunch, usually one red and and one either green or yellow, but I've been consistently trying different varieties of the colors depending on mood, taste, and price. So far, Honeycrisp Apples are by FAR the best kind I've ever tasted. Unfortunately, they're also usually the most expensive since they have an extremely low relative apples-per-tree ratio and are highly likley to get damaged in transit, so I only buy them when they're on sale (which is 1.50 a pound or less, as they are usually over 2 dollars a pound.)

On Friday I saw the premiere of the High School Play, which will be Josh's last regular performance and most likely his last high school performance period, since he is wisely boycotting the musical since the director somehow thought it would be a smart idea to do High School Musical 2. Enjoy half your usual people refusing to have anything to do with it! However, the regular play this year was The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Josh was the head dwarf, and Brendan of the Josh Posse was Aslan. It was one of the best high school performanes I've seen, particularly because of the excellent special effects and lighting. The adaptation was also pretty good. Josh tells me the original script they got put way heavier emphasis on the Christian stuff than anything else, to the point where they thought it might be too offensive to some parents, so they retooled it a bit to the point that the WWII allegory part of it stands out much more prominently.

Only 3 new comics this week:

Doom Patrol/Metal Men 4
Really need to look more up on the DP. It is starting to get interesting though, but once again I'm a little lost because this is the Blackest Night tie-in, and I hae no idea who the dead people are, though they are trying to explain it. However, I keep wondering why the hell these people are even working for Dr. Caulder, since it's pretty much clarified he is the biggest, most manipulative asshole ever and everyone knows it. Christ, when he's faced with the Black Lantern of his ex-wife and is almost killed, through the ENTIRE thing, all he shows in Black-Lantern-O-Vision is Avarice. Metal Men, meanwhile, was great. Always nice to see more references to Bialya, even after they decided to kill off the entire nation in 52.

Deadpool Team-Up 899
Deadpool meets Hercules! And reminds me that I really need to start reading Herc's own series already. I can tell I like the character and that I'd enjoy the book, but I don't know if I want to invest the time and money into reading all his back-issues, since I've already got other series I still want to catch up on. In any case, the best part of this was Deadpool fighting the physical incarnation of his two thought-boxes. Genius.

Batman: The Widening Gyre 3
I am really getting to like this mini-series. Bruce and Silver always seems weird to me though, but that's mostly because I'm too used to Bruce and Selina. We finally get to see a conversation between Batman and Baphomet, and it was great. I still really love the flashbacks to Batman's relationship with Dick. However, the winner in this issue was Aquaman cockblocking Bruce. GO AWAY, ARTHUR.

Oh, also, I finally got around to reading Blue Beetle 1-7, which I got at Comic-Con. Holy shit this series is great and I need more. The best thing I like about this is the fact that we don't see any hiding the secret identity from friends and family at all. Right from the get-go Jaime tells his parents, sister, and two best friends. There were also several hilarious lines in the issues, but I don't have the issues with me right now so I'll have to give examples later. Tehn again, the first six issues are written by Giffen, so that is no real surprise. I need to get more of this series, and I really hope Booster's series (and thus Jaime's cofeature) doesn't die. Come on, Jaime should be getting more popular now because of his exposure in BATB! He's The Bumblebee of the show, even! Kids should be eating him up!

Finally, I got some boxes! I was going to get a longbox, but they didn't have any, so I got 2 shortboxes. Which worked out, since right now my collection, minus the TPB's, Wednesday Comics, and the stuff I got during my first trial run, Civil War which I can't even find, takes up one entire shortbox. Which I don't think is too bad since I've only been buying comics for a little less than a year right now. In any case, I finally organized my comics, and here is my current comics collection of what I have on hand! Though I did notice some issues were missing. I don't know if I forgot to buy it, or just lost it with some. While otehr gaps are from starting to collect with the current issue at the time and going back to buy some back-issues later.

52 1-20
52, Vols. 1-4 (TPB) (Complete Series)
Amazing Spider-Man 600
Arkham Reborn 1
Avengers; Free Comic Book Day 2009
Batgirl 1-3
Batman 689-692
Batman Annual 27
Batman: Battle for the Cowl 1-3 (complete miniseries)
Batman: Battle for the Cowl: Arkham Asylum
Batman: Battle for the Cowl: Underground
Batman: Cacophony 2-3
Batman Confidential 24 and 28
Batman and Robin 1-5
Batman: Streets of Gotham 1-5
Batman: The Widening Gyre 1-3
Blackest Night 1-4
Blackest Night: Batman 1-3 (complete miniseries)
Blackest Night: Superman 1-3 (complete miniseries)
Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps 1-2
Blue Beetle 1-7
Bongo Comics Free-for-All (Free Comic Book Day)
Booster Gold: 1-6, 1 Million, and 21-25
Crisis on Infinite Earths (TPB)
Dark Avengers: 1-6, and 8-9
Dark Reign: The Goblin Legacy (One-Shot)
DC vs. Marvel 1-4
Deadpool (2nd series): 4-5, 7-16
Deadpool Classic Vols. 1 and 2 (TPB)
Deadpool: Games of Death (One-Shot)
Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth 1-4
Deadpool: Suicide Kings 1-5 (complete miniseries)
Deadpool Team-Up 900-899
Detective Comics 854-855
Doom Patrol: 1-4
Gotham City Sirens: 1-5
Green Lantern 41-47
Green Lantern Corps 38, 40-41
Green Lantern Corps Through the Ages (One-Shot)
Identity Crisis (TPB)
Infinite Crisis (TPB)
JLA: Incarnations 1-6 (complete miniseries)
Justice League Europe: 1-26
Marvel Spotlight: Deadpool
Mighty Avengers 20-24, 26-30
New Avengers 50
New Mutants Saga (Free One-Shot)
Oracle: The Cure: 1-3 (complete miniseries)
Red Robin 1 and 3
Resurrection (Free Comic Book Day)
Savage Dragon 148 (Free Comic Book Day)
Secret Invasion: Requiem (One-Shot)
Solomon Grundy 1
Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen (One-Shot)
Wednesday Comics 1-12 (complete series)
X-Men First Class (Free One-Shot)

I don't think that's too bad for only being at this for less than a year!
31 October 2009 @ 09:58 pm
Ok, so I am officially done with Dad for good. That’s one less source of drama in my life. In fact, that’s the largest source of grief and misery for me gone. So yay for that.

The other day, I was finally convinced to play a game on the Xbox 360. In addition, this game was an FPS, which is like a double blasphemy for me. However, I was tempted to try it because of how different it is, and how Tvtropes, 4chan, and the internet in general seems to fucking love it. As well as all of the memes. And mostly because everyone on /co/ seems to think my namefag handle there is a reference to the game. Well, the other day I found Josh had borrowed The Orange Box, which contains Half-Life 2, Portal, and the FPS. So I played it, and it was awesome. But then the next day, Josh’s Xbox gets the Red Ring of Death. I took this as some sort of holy message that no, I should not be playing consoles that are not the Wii. However, I’ve played games on compuers long before consoles, so I immediately bought the PC version of the game from Amazon (and because of my desire, I actually paid extra for one-day shipping, which I pretty much never do normally.)

The game is called Team Fortress 2. There are several reasons why I love this game despite it being an FPS:

1) It is class-based. In most FPS’s, everyone is pretty much the same. Same HP, same speed, etc. The only variables are the different weapons, and you all start with the same and have to find the right weapons and the ammo for it. I’ve always found that boring. TF2, however, has 9 distinct classes, which each have their own distinct weapons, stats, advantages and disadvantages, and their own roles in the game (depending on what style is being used.) More on these classes later.

2) It is heavily focused on teamwork. If you just go on your own and keep firing, all you’re doing is hurting your team. There are specific goals that you have to work with other classes and people on in order to win against the other team.

3) There are different games of play. While there is a “kill everyone on the other team before you all die!” style (Arena), there are several others, each with different maps. There’s Capture the Flag, where you must get the enemy team’s intelligence briefcase and take it back to your base before they do the same. There’s Control Points, where you must get to enemy control points and stand on them long enough for them to become your team’s (this is separated between a style where everyone starts with 2 CP’s and one neutral zone whre the winner is the team who gets all 5, an Attack/Defend style where RED starts with all the CP’s and has to prevent BLU from taking them for time runs up, and Territorial where each round switches between different sections of the same area, with one owned by each team, and keeps going until one team owns all the areas.) Then there’s Payload, where one team is pushing a bomb cart to the other team’s base. It goes as long as one team member is staying near it. It stops if an enemy is standing near it, and it goes backwards if nobody is near it for long enough. Finally, there is King of the Hill.

4) It has a good sense of humor. Most FPS’s are serious and boring, with pretty much one of 3 themes: either it’s a Post-Apocalyptic/Zombie shooter, a Space Marine shooter, or a War shooter (and almost all of these are WWII games specifically.) This one is a parody of 60’s spy stuff kind of, but the general gist is that it’s in the mid-20th century, and two companies (The construction company Builders League United and the demolitions company Reliable Excavation Demolition, or in other words… BLU and RED) secretly control all of the government sin the world. They hate each other. So they fight. And that’s all the plot needed. But the characters each have their own personality, and feel free to make comments depending on what is going on. In addition, there is a bodiless icy-cold announcer (the only known female in the game) who is consistently expressing her disapproval of your failures. (with somewhat less icy congratulations if you succeed.)

Also, apparently the PC version is superior to the console versions, since it is consistently updated while the consoles aren’t. Unfortunately, I also get more lag on this version, which is sad. However, there are many more maps and styles of play, as well as unlockable weapons and hats!

Also, the people who make the game make videos about the characters, which have been getting progressively better, and are quite entertaining.

I’d talk more about this game, but I feel like switching now. However, later I’ll probably write about my own opinions of each class once I’ve had enough time to play them all. But now, onto comics news!

Arkham Asylum 1
This issue was interesting. It looks like we’ll be getting a better view of the three characters introduced in Battle for the Cowl: Arkham Asylum. I don’t yet know what to think of Jeremiah, but I have the feeling he’s probably going to be killed sometime during this miniseries. Also, I like Dr. Sinner. However, I always appreciate the stories like these that look from the point of view of those that see the inmates as people who need to be rehabilitated, rather than just criminals.

Batman 692
I liked Dick’s conversations with Selina in this issue. It is interesting how the Batman/Catwoman dynamic is different now that it’s not Bruce under the cowl. Also, we finally find out what Hugo Strange is up to now! As well as the fact that the Falcone family has returned. I am very glad I’ve read The Long Halloween, as the whole deal with Mario is directly from that story, and this storyline will probably keep calling back to it. In any case, I am glad to see that the mob is back in Gotham. Their stories can sometimes give a good contrast to the costumed villains. Though I do want an explanation on why Mario is now evil and taking up the business, considering he was the “good” one in Long Halloween and had been driven insane by all the shit that went down because of his family. Why the fuck would he want to return to that?

Gotham City Sirens 5
Ok, so The Joker ISN’T back yet. It’s actually…some random henchman of the Joker from before Harley, who is super-jealous of her. Ok. I wonder if Gagsworth is someone Dini just made up, or if he was actually in some of the really old Golden Age or Silver Age comics. I’ll have to look that up. However, I did love the return to the more cornball stuff, anyway.

Blackest Night 4
My favorite part of this is probably the little random bit with Scarecrow showing that he’s pretty much immune to the Black Lanterns attempt to make him emotional, since he’s “only afraid of Batman, and nothing else.” REALLY wish he could have gotten that yellow ring. Sinestro Corps Member Jonathan Crane would be a beast. The rest was pretty good. Flash alerts the rest of the world, they get Alan Scott to help out, and The Atom is now being terrorized by Zombie!Jean Loring. Also, the Black Lanterns have finally reached 100% power, and Nekron has risen. Who then makes all of Coast City rise. Of course, that would be more impressive if we didn’t already see the entire Planet Xanshi rise earlier.

Green Lantern 47
Now this was the best of the lot, and probably the first issue in a while to feature all of the Corps at least once. Most of it was Hal, Carol, Sinestro and Indigo-1 vs. the Black Lanterns of Abin and Arin Sur. That was interesting, and I’d like some more story on Sinestro’s relationship with Arin. However, Atrocitus won out this issue. Apparently the Red Lanterns are a big key in this whole thing, since they are entirely immune to being killed by Black Lanterns. (Blacks eat hearts, and Reds already have their rings replacing their hearts…) Things are now starting to make sense about the prophecy about Guy (In the first storyline of Booster Gold, Skeets mentions that Guy is instrumental in winning the Blackest Night. And it’s been revealed that in an issue or so Guy is going to become a Red Lantern. So it’s starting to sound like it might be Guy who ends up saving the day. God, I hope so. Hal is great and all, but having him be the key factor in winning everything would be just a tiny bit cliché. Oh, also, Larfleeze running like a little girl from the zombies of his victims was nice. And now he’s in even bigger shit, since for some reason Atrocitus wants his battery. Next month: Larfleeze vs. Atrocitus! *_*

And that’s it for now. Happy Halloween everyone! For some reason, ABC Family has decided that the most Halloween-related movies they have are…Batman. They are showing Batman, Batman Returns, and Batman Forever back-to-back (Nice to see a network that realizes that nobody wants to watch Batman and Robin, unlike some other channels.) So I am watching them, doing school stuff, and every now and then taking breaks to play TF2! Yay!
21 October 2009 @ 06:57 pm
Alright, I'm going to try actually posting thoughts while reading comics this time! Though first, thoguhts on comics I have read. These are either comics I got from Comic-Con, or comics from the last two weeks (which I got within the same week.) Of course, I still have a shitload of Comic-Con stuff that needs reading (the rest of my Justice League Europe, Blue Beetle 1-7, DC vs. Marvel, and JLA Incarnations), but I give priority to the stuff just coming out so I don't fall behind. Anyway:

Deadpool Classic, Vols. 1 and 2 (contains New Mutants 83, Deadpool’s first two limited series, Deadpool/Daredevil Annual ‘97, and the first 8 issues of the original Deadpool run by Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness)0
Reading through all of this, as well as remembering Cable/Deadpool makes me kind of regret how Deadpool is right now. He is great, but he kind of has too much of the stress on the LOLRANDOM, and not as much on character development. Though this problem is more with Daniel Way’s Deadpool run,. And I do like Way deciding he has a second white thought box, which others hate. But my main beef is that Way never focuses on the supporting cast, and when he DOES put a supporting guy in, it’s ALWAYS Bob: Agent of Hydra. Reading these TPB’s made me really miss Weasel and Blind Al. Also, Deadpool/Siryn is adorable, while Deadpool/Typhoid Mary is creepy and kind of depressing. One more thing I noticed is that back in the original run, Deadpool was extremely sensitive about his looks, to the point of royally freaking out when someone burned or removed his mask, and referring to the mask as his face. The only time we ever see him unmasked willingly is when he’s at his hideout with Al. Nowadays DP seems to have no problem going out in public unmasked. I wonder when that change happened. Also, the old Deadpool was a lot more intelligent and actually more sane than he is in Way’s run. Too bad it’ll be near impossible to read more of Kelly’s run, since no other TPB’s have come out, and the value of single issues of that run are near impossible to find and expensive as well, since the run didn’t sell that well originally and thus not many copies were made, plus the run now having a much higher demand thanks to the movies. Of course, it’s not like Marvel would have ever been abe to tell in the 90’s that over 10 years later DP would have just as much exposure as Spider-Man. (THREE ONGOINGS. WTF?!) Also, I love Ed McGuinness’s art style, and just now realized he’s the same guy who did Superman/Batman, and thus the guy whose art style is mimicked for the most recent DCU DVD Movie. For some reason though, his style seems to look a lot better in DP than it does with Supes/Bats. I wonder why.

Justice League Europe 1-8. This was the spin-off of JLI once the JLI formed. The actual JLI title became Justice League America, and then this series followed the branch based in Paris, featuring Elongated Man, Sue Dibny, Flash (Wally), Metamorpho, Power Girl, Animal Man, Rocket Red, and being led by Captain Atom. I love the Dibnies and Metamorpho, and seeing Captain Atom trying to cope with his leadership responsibilities is one of my favorite parts of the series so far. In addition, it seems like they were actually really good at realistically portraying the attitudes and reactions of the people in Europe and France specifically, at least according to the letters from French and other European readers. (Speaking of, since these are issues from 1989, and are single issues other than TPB’s, these are also the very first issues I’ve been able to read that actually have a Letters section at the end. It’s kind of fun seeing what people thought of this back when it first came out, and it thus also includes opinions of JLI as a whole back when it was the brand new thing.) Also, JLE 1 is probably the most valuable comics thing I have now, since it’s an issue rather than a TPB, it’s 20 years old, it’s the first issue of a series, and it’s autographed by the writer. Well, one of the writers. It’s signed by J.M. DeMatteis, who did all of the scripting, while Keith Giffen did the plotting. Of course, this book doesn’t have the other end of the trio, Jeff Maguire, and instead has two newcomers, but it looks like they pretty much tried to draw as much like Maguire as possible, and it is really good.

Batman and Robin 5
So the Flamingo eats faces. Between him and Pyg, as well as Red Hood and Scarlet, Grant Morrison seems to really have two ongoing obsession/themes with his villains: Faces/Masks/general covering of faces, and the color Red/Pink. I wonder where he’s going with that. Also, I really love Jason Todd now, despite previously hating his guts before actually reading anything with him. He’s a fun villain, especially now that he has his own sidekick.

Doom Patrol/Metal Men 3
Doom Patrol confuses the hell out of me. I need to actually read up on the original series. However, I am interested in it, since 1) Elastigirl is a size-changer, 2) Niles Caulder is a major manipulative asshole and I kind of need to hear what kind of shit he’s done before, and 3) Mento also seems really interesting. From the impression I got in his appearance in this issue it sounds like he’s DC’s version of Hank Pym.

Metal Men, on the other hand, is still hilarious. God, is there anything Giffen/DeMatteis/Maguire does that I don’t like? I don’t think so.

Gotham City Sirens 4
No Riddler this time, which is a minus. However, I REALLY enjoy Hush, and need to read his stories sometime. His whole thing with Harley was great. Also, this issue Dini decides to finally bring The Joker back, and I did like that they’re still putting some Joker/Harley dynamic in there. Next issue is Harley/Catwoman/Ivy vs. Joker! Yay!

Booster Gold/Blue Beetle 25
This issue wrapped up the whole arc with Dick and making sure he doesn’t die in the past. We get a talk between Booster and Dick that is kind of a mirror of the talk Booster had with Batman at the end of 52 Pick-Up, which I loved. Booster takes Dick back in time to see his parents at Christmas, which was adorable. However, I’m really excited for next issue, which is when Booster’s book finally ties into Blackest Night, which means Zombie!Ted!

And Blue Beetle kicks Black Beetle’s ass. I have no idea who Black is at this point, but I really hope it’s not Ted like others are saying. I also don’t buy his current “Jaime from the Future claim”, but I don’t know enough about this Beetle to be able to have any real theories. Also, I laughed at Milagro making the Booster and Kord action figures kiss. Though I am curious that she originally wanted to pair Booster with Batgirl. I don’t even know where that came from. There must be something I’m missing.

Green Lantern Corps 41
Eh. Lanterns fighting Zombie!Lanterns. Not enough Guy. It was an ok issue I guess, but not much to talk about.

Deadpool 16
And Deadpool is an X-Man. And yay, Domino! Domino is extra-cute. Though that is entirely just because I dig the eye-spot. Though, I am sad Wade did not demand to wear one of the girls’ uniforms this time. He did make his own uniform though, but apparently he didn’t make a mask for it. So he’s like, got an all Tyellow uniform with his old red mask. This really seems to be weird with combined with the previous note of his obsession with the mask as the most important part of him. Oh well. I wonder if Deadpool with the X-Men is going to be a long-running thing or if it’s only going to last 2 or 3 issues like the Deadpool is a Pirate thing.

Deadpool 900
And Deadpool says Fuck You to Superman by giving himself a 900th issue before Supes can get to it. In the sense that the next issue of this ongoing is #899 and going down. What this really is is a huge collaborative collection of stories by several writers and artists, to celebrate how popular DP is and to kick off his third ongoing, Deadpool Team-Up. DP vs. the mimes was interesting. The story done in CGI looked like shit but had very good writing and was probably the most intelligent, thought-provoking Deadpool story ever written (though that isn’t exactly hard.) The Kelly/Liefeld story was funny but could have been a lot better. The alien abduction story was completely meh. And then it ends off with a reprint of an old special with Deadpool and Widdle Wade. Haven’t gotten around to reading that yet, so I shall read it now, then move onto the stuff for this week!:

So the Japanese decide to create a Chibi Deadpool for themselves. Ok. The whole thing is Deadpool’s adventures in Japan. I think it’s all supposed to be a parody of Wolvie’s Japanese adventures, but I haven’t read any of those.

Yep, Wade’s sensitive about the mask here, too. It better not have been Way who just forgot about this. But then again, I don’t remember too much mask sensitivity in Cable/Deadpool either, and that whole series was written by Deadpool’s co-creator.

So apparently this story decides Deadpool used to be a Sumo Wrestler. Again…ok. Though the writers do seem to know what they’re talking about in terms of explaining Sumo and all that.

Ok, continuity error! This story mentions something as the first time Wade decides to not do a job. However, in Deadpool -1, the first issue to explore Wade’s past, it showed us an entirely different instance which was supposedly the only time Wade had declined to kill someone he was paid for. Bad writers!

And Widdle Wade..dies? WTF? They just said he has a healing factor! Why would Wade even assume the guy’s dead? This story is equal parts entertaining and just frustrating with the ignorance of continuity and plot holes. Then again, it’s Deadpool. I probably shouldn’t be taking it seriously

OH yeah. Best thing about Deadpool 900? It’s dedicated to the memory of Bea Arthur. Awww….

Ok. Now, this week’s comics!
Batman 691
Just 9 months until the big 700th issue anniversary for Bats! I wonder if that’s when they’re going to have Bruce come back. Though at Comic-Con the DC guys did say we can look forward to Dick as Batman for a good time longer.

In any case, this issue is Dick vs. Two-Face! And inside the Batcave, no less! I really like Dent’s Batman costume. Though I do find it odd that Dent goes on a rant about how Batman can’t be replaced, while wearing his own version of the Bats costume. But then again, like most of Batman’s rogues, Harvey IS insane.
Oh. Never mind. The Bat-Suit was a hallucination. But still, my point doe somewhat stand because I know Harvey HAS worn the Two-Face!Batman suit before. However, what is interesting is that Two-Face is the first villain to pick up on the fact that this Batman is not the same guy he usually fights. And it pisses him the fuck off. (Riddler also picked up on it, but I don’t really count him as a villain anymore.)

“The Dark Knight became a Media Whore.” Heh. He has a point, Dick. You do enjoy your job and being in the spotlight a little too much.

Two-Face almost being squished by the Giant Penny made the issue.

Alfred being Batman to confuse the fuck out of Dent is badass.

And now Dent is convinced it’s the same Batman. Way to go, Dick and Alfred. Also, Two-Face rejects the offer to join Black Mask’s ever-growing team, and leaves Gotham. Wonder if this means he’ll end up showing up in some other hero’s book, or if he’s just going to be un-used for a year or so now.

And they get rid of the Batcave. Smart move on Dick’s part, but I am really sad to see it happened. It’s also kind of an FU to the whole Batman mythos. Though I suppose Dick has a point that it’s more Bruce’s legacy than anyone else’s. Though now I’m curious as to what Dick will use as a hideout instead.

And Bruce is hiding info on Dick’s parents’ murder? Oh god, does this mean next issue we’re going to get some kind of retcon of his parents? This could be either very good or complete shit…

Batgirl 3
I love Scarecrow. It is really hard to actually choose my favorite Batman villain sometime. Scarecrow, Riddler, and Penguin have all been at the top of the list at one point or another, but they are definitely my top 3.
The message to the cops was cute.
Who the hell takes a 400-level class as a college freshman?
Hm, this issue was good, but Batgirl still isn’t interesting me nearly as much as the other series. I’ll probably give one or two more issues a go, and then if I’m still not wowed, I’ll drop the series.

Batman: Streets of Gotham 5
Ok, opening up with Huntress vs. Man-Bat. That has…nothing to do with what was going on in the last issue. Though, I do love Huntress.
Ok. New villain might be interesting.
I don’t even read the Manhunter cofeature. I just…am not interested in her at all.

Blackest Night: Batman 3
Yes, there was a shitload of Bat-titles this week. This is the last one. Also, this is the end of Bats’ BN tie-in.
Heh. Tim still responds to “Robin.”
I love Deadman. He seems like a character who isn’t used nearly as often as he should be. Etrigan, not so much. I’ve always found him kind of boring.
The Zombies of Tim’s and Dick’s parents (as well as Captain Boomerang and Tony Zucco) re-enact their deaths in front of Dick and Tim to get them to amp their Rage up. I thought that whole scene was great..

How come Etrigan doesn’t rhyme anymore? I thought he always spoke in rhymes. Guess the writers are lazy. Oh, wait, never mind, he’s possessed by Deadman. How the hell did I forget that?

The Black Lantern Rings can’t get a good signal on Etrigan/Blood/Deadman. Huh.

Oh wait, now Etrigan is un-possessed and he still isn’t rhyming. So I repeat my lazy writer remark, unless somewhere along the road they decided to drop the “he always speaks in verse” thing.

Ok, Dick’s plan to get away from the BL’s was awesome.

Overall, this whole arc was awesome

Blackest Night: Superman 3
I love how they’re using Zombie!Psycho-Pirate. He really is the perfect character for this whole thing, what with his whole power being the ability to control other people’s emotions and all.

Fuck yeah, Martha Kent and Krypto!

I have no idea what’s going on with the whole New Krypton deal. I should probably read up on that, since it sounds like that’s going to become the big focus of the DCU once Blackest Night ends.

Conner using the Medusa Mask was pretty awesome.

And now, onto this week’s Marvel titles! All 2 of them! (So I’m a DC Fanboy. Sue me!)

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth 4
I do not find the idea of a Zombie T-Rex nearly as awesome as the book thinks I should. I do not know if this says something is wrong with me. However, I do like the whole A.I.M vs. HYDRA bitchfight which is this entire arc. Though, this series isn’t as enjoyable for me as Way’s run, despite Way supposedly being ultimate suck. I’d still rather have Kelly back.

Mighty Avengers 30
I love that the recap page is Stature’s blog. I love Stature. And that whole recap was just hilarious. It actually managed to be funnier than the average current Deadpool recap! Which really isn’t that hard nowadays. Dammit, Kelly or Nicieza, come back!
I love Hercules, and really do need to get around to trying his series sometime. Though, Hercules does show up in the premiere issue of Deadpool Team-Up!
FUCK YEAH, PYM. SCIENTIST SUPREME, BITCHES. About time he got the props he deserves. And told by the universe itself no less (I guess that’s what that guy is?)
Ooh, an ad for a Joe Kelly-written Deadpool! Though it’s an issue of Spidey. Still, I’ll have to get that!
I love Whatshisname gagging in the background at Hank and Jocasta.
Holy shit. This was just the greatest issue ever. They’re finally making it up to Pym for being the Butt Monkey of the Marvel Universe. By suddenly making him the Marvel Universe’s biggest hero.
This was totally the best issue of the whole lot. I love this series so much.

And that’s all!